Assessment Task Bank Certificate 1 (Access)


This assessment task bank is secured on Google Docs and at the moment is only available to students enrolled in my classes at Duke Street Community House. Students: you will need a Google Account to access these tasks. You will need permission from me before you access them. When you have returned the task to me, either in person, or by email, you will not be able to access the task again.

Note: I will tell you where you can find recordings/video clips on the internet for the listening exercises

Note: You may need to set up your own account on and for some speaking exercises

If you are not sure how to do this, ask me to show you after class or contact me by email

Access 1

VPAU501 Plan language learning with support

1. Clarify language learning goals
2. Discuss and agree on an individual learning plan.
3. Prepare portfolio of completed work samples
4. Monitor and update the individual learning plan.

Individual Learning Plan (ILP) & Initiation (501.1, 501.2, 501.3)

ILP & Term Learning Review (501.4)

ILP Final Assessment & Portfolio Presentation (501.3, 501.4)

VPAU493 Participate in short, simple exchanges

1. Exchange greetings and personal information
2. Make and respond to simple requests or inquiries

VPAU494 Give and respond to short, simple verbal instructions and information (Listening and Speaking)

1. Follow short, simple everyday verbal instructions or directions
2. Give short, simple everyday verbal instructions or directions

494.1/494.2 (combined)

494.1 (listening only)

494.2 (speaking only)

3. Interpret simple oral texts
4. Give simple information

VPAU495 Read and write short, simple messages and formatted texts (Reading and Writing I)

1. Read short simple written messages for immediate everyday purposes
2. Write short simple messages for immediate social purposes
3. Read short simple forms for immediate personal and social purposes
4. Complete short simple forms for immediate personal and social purposes

495.3 and 495.4 Alternative combined task (1)

495.3 and 495.4 Alternative combined task (2)

VPAU496 Read and write short, simple informational and instructional texts (Reading and Writing II)

1. Follow short simple written directions or instructions
2. Write short simple texts for immediate personal and social purposes
3. Read short, simple online and paper based informational texts
4. Write short simple informational texts

496.3 and 496.4 Alternative Task (2) combined

VPAM549 Australian History (2011)

1. Describe coastal exploration of Australia prior to 1788
2. Describe the role of convicts in the European settlement of Australia
3. Describe the key features of a particular period or event in Australia
4. Describe reasons for immigration to Aust & impact on Aust’s development

VPAU554 Use basic computing language and skills (2012)

1. Use correct computer terminology.
2. Describe items on the computer desktop
3. Complete computerbased language learning activities
4. Describe common computer related problems and seek assistance to solve them

VPAU555 Use the internet and email to develop language (2012)

1. Locate information for a range of purposes on the internet
2. Complete online language learning activities
3. Communicate using simple email messages