Monday, October 23, 2017

Summer Holidays

VU21466  Give and respond to a range of straightforward information and instructions
Are you looking forward to the Summer holidays? Are you going anywhere? Are you staying home? Where would you like to go? In this lesson we listen to people talking about how they will spend their time. 

1. Look at the photos above. With a friend talk about where you think one of them might be going?

2. Listen to the conversation for general meaning
Talk to your friend again.  What more did you find out?

3. Download the comprehension activity. Listen to the conversation again. Complete the activity.
4. Complete the Matching exercise

5. Grammar (6 Ways to talk about the Future) /

6. Complete the Vocabulary Activity

6. Listening script
7. Use the listening script with your friend to write a similar conversation.
8. Act out, Record and/or Share your conversation (using your phone or ipad)

Here are some student conversations about "Summer Holidays"
Student A and B
Student C and D

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Australian Law Semester 2, 2017

VU213471 Investigate Features of the Australian Legal System

Here are the links for working through the 4 assignments which you need to complete and submit to me through Semester 2.

Assignment 1 : 

1) What is COMMON LAW? What is CRIMINAL LAW? What is CIVIL LAW?

2) What are the three main courts in Australia and how are they different?

In the first assignment for the year you need to watch the video below ...

Download ASSIGNMENT 1  (Access: Duke St students only)

Complete the assignment and submit to your classroom teacher for assessment.

Assignment 2: What's the Law? Issues for discussion

The 10 videos for Assignment 2 are online here.

A You need to complete and submit 10 (of the 14) units of work related to the videos below

You need to do an introductory presentation to the class to show you understand the issues and key messages. Speak to me to find out which unit and week you have been allocated.

The 10 videos for Assignment 2 are online here.

Assignment 3

Part A  The Police and Punishment

Links for answering questions in Assignment 3

Police Powers and the Law

Police Powers: Your Rights in Victoria (2015)
(a useful pamphlet which will also help you answer the questions)

Part B Crime, Justice and Punishment

Assignment 4: Accessing Legal Representation

Here are the links for Assignment 4:

PART A - Getting Advice

PART B - Legal Advice Services

PART C - About Costs and Fees

PART D - Locating Legal Resources in Your Community

Monday, March 20, 2017

Self Paced Learning Project

Certificate 3 in EAL 2017 : VU21323 Develop and document a learning plan

VU21323 Develop and document a learning plan

Part E: Self Study English Project-links for research

...and here are some more ....

You might be interested in considering one of the BBC courses to follow in the first semester. Maybe something to do with pronunciation (link above) might be useful? Or else something more general? It is, of course, up to you what you chose to do - as long as it fits with your own needs expressed in the learning plan.

Consider these ...

Lower Intermediate Course (30 units) --- harder than you think.

Intermediate Course (17 Units) --- for more advanced students

Words in the News --- 48 units based on interesting news stories - reading, listening and grammar (intermediate)

6 Minute English ---48 listening units (intermediate)

Drama --- Alice in Wonderland, The Importance of Being Earnest, Jamaica Inn (intermediate)

News Report ---(Intermediate) ...Current Affairs (quite hard)

Exploring some self-study sites at the BBC ... try this one to practice Pronunciation

If none of the projects either in PART E of the learning plan or those above interest you, you might prefer to create a self paced learning project using ...

Grammar in Use 3rd Edition (Murphy)

English Phrasal Verbs in Use (McCarthy/O'Dell)

A range of Penguin ESL Readers

Headway Talking Points (Listening and General English textbook)



Come to me to access resources at Duke Street