Thursday, June 11, 2015

Australia and the Law

VU213471 Investigate Features of the Australian Legal System

Assignment 1 : Civil/Criminal Law, Court Structure, Notetaking

Assignment 2: What's the Law? Issues for discussion

Assignment 3 : (Part A) The Police and Punishment
                       : (Part B) Crime, Justice and Punishment

Assignment 4: Accessing Legal Representation

The above Assignments are only available to EAL Access 3 students from Duke Street

Here are the links for Assignment 4:

PART A - Getting Advice

PART B - Legal Advice Services

PART C - About Costs and Fees

PART D - Locating Legal Resources in Your Community

Assignment 2

The 10 videos for Assignment 2 are online here.

These accompany the excellent kit, "What's the Law?" produced by Victoria LegalAid and AMES which is free to order. Visit this site for more information.

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