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Taking Care of Things / International Current Affairs

VPAU503.3 and 505.3 : Follow (spoken and written) instructions

Taking care of Things

Do you have some dishwashing liquid, some ammonia and a bottle of vinegar? You can make your own carpet cleaner! What cleaning "secrets" do you have? How do you get your windows squeaky clean? What do you use for cleaning your kitchen benchtops? Graham Haley has lots of great ideas ...

Download the worksheet for this video

Vocab Exercise 1- Cleaning the House (
Vocab Exercise 2 - Cleaning the House (

A whole lesson about housecleaning (Listening/conversation/vocab/activities (learnESLwithDrew!)


This week we are looking at Unless / As long as / Provided/Providing that
(Murphy, English Language in Use, Unit 115)

Elective: 560.2 - Current Affairs (International)

You have probably seen the terrible images on TV. Sadly, wars are always in the news.

Watch the video and read more at the UNICEF WEBSITE - SYRIA.


What do you know about Syria?
How many children have been affected?
What does the little girl say?

Listening : 1 Million Syrian Child Refugees (Sean Banville, Breaking News

Download and print off the complete lesson (Comprehension/Matching/Fill the Gap/ etc - pdf)

This term we start the second part of our Current Affairs Elective (VPAU 560.2 - Explore a current issue of international significance).

This term you will keep an 8 Week Collect, Watch and Tell Diary - VPAU 560.2 (Assessment Task and Diary download) (Note: I will send you the link by email)

Each week you will collect articles and images from newspapers, magazines and the internet, watch news programs and videos, tell your teacher and class members about your project.

You can choose to follow one (or a mix of all three themes if you like). Use Dale's examples to guide you. Look for photos in newspapers or on the internet, print them and attach them to your diary entries. (Get your teacher or a friend to help you if you do not know how)

*War - Example 1

*Celebrities and Movie Stars in the News - Example 2

*Natural Disasters - Example 3

(Available from me in class only)

Perhaps you know that Prince Harry came to Australia recently.  What do you think about celebrities, Royals and rich people? Why are we so interested in them?

And then there are natural disasters - earthquakes, typhoons, tornadoes, tsunamis and bush fires.

Can you think of other sorts of natural disasters?

Check out this map of the latest natural disasters.

Exercise 3: Take some notes from the Recent Natural Disasters website and tell your class about a recent natural disaster. Where did it happen? Was anyone hurt? Was there damage?

Grammar: Talking about the Future

In class we studied 6 ways in English we can talk about the future. There are really three forms though that we use most of the time ...

Will +verb (definitive / strong)

Going to +verb (intention)

Present Continuous for the Future (plans)

If you want to study more read: Murphy, English Grammar in Use (3rd Edition), Unit 19

Still confused? Watch this ...

Try these exercises ...

Exercise One: A Dialogue Between Friends (

Exercise Two: 100 Sentences! (Language

We also looked at the use of So vs. Such

so +adjective ... Madonna is so good
such +noun ...Madonna is such a good singer

but it get's more complicated ...

Watch this video ...

If you want to study more read: Murphy, English Grammar in Use (3rd Edition), Unit 102


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