Thursday, August 22, 2013

Micro Living

VPAU560 Current Affairs

1) Watch the video   2) Download this worksheet and work with a partner to answer the questions

READING (Level 3): Read this article about micro-apartments in Melbourne (The Age, August 19, 2013)

What are the advantages and disadvantages? What are the main criticisms? Would you buy a micro-apartment?

DISCUSSION & DICTATION : Australia Votes for a New Government (VPAU 560.1)

Read the full text and listen (from ESL News New Zealand)

READING: Expectations

Did you expect the Coalition to win? Did you expect the Labor Party to lose? What were the big issues in the election?

Compare the information on this graph.

How many seats did the Liberal Party expect to win?
How many seats did the Liberal Party actually win?
What about the Labor Party?

VOCABULARY : to expect to / to suppose / to suppose to / to actually +verb


Source: "Sweden Tops English Speaking List" from

1. Print the Gap Fill exercise (or do the listening exercise totally online)
2. Listen to the story
3. Check your answers by reading the full story here

4. Do the follow up exercises - download the whole lesson here

Listening and Speaking (Level 3): Instructions (Assessment Task) VPAU 503.3

1) Comprehension: Download the assessment task, complete and either give me or email me your task (Duke Street Access 3 students only)

In class ...

2) Speaking: Bring a tie to class (and be able to give clear instructions about how to tie a full Windsor Knot)

Silent Films (Level 3 VPAU 505.4)

Today in class (level 2) we watched this silent film.

Where is it filmed? Who are the characters? What happens : how does it start? what happens in the middle of the film? how does it end? Does the film have a message, meaning or lesson to teach us? Did you enjoy it or didn't you like it - why?

Exercise 1 : Ask yourself these questions as you watch the film again. Can you answer the questions?

Download the Silent Film Reading worksheet to see Dale's notes. 


Exercise 2 :  Here is a link to many other short, silent films on YouTube.

Use the worksheet to take notes on another silent film. Use Dale's notes as a model.

Bring your notes to class to share and show your teacher. We will write a review together.

Can't find a film? Try taking notes and writing about this short, silent film ...

Listening : Making A Film (Level 3)

Jeff and his brother made a film about their journey across India in a motor-rickshaw.

Listen to his story. Complete the vocab and comprehension quizzes.

Watch the film and read more about Jeff's journey across India in a motor rickshaw here!


WRITING NARRATIVES using Past Simple and Past Continuous (VPAU505.4)

 In class we looked at the possibility of using the past simple and past continuous together, especially when we are writing narratives or sentences with two actions occurring.

Try these exercises: Past simple and past continuous, by lovinglondon

Find this and other past continuous exercises in English Exercises .org


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