Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Where do the Children Play?

VPAU557.3/.4 - Recreational Services in the Local Community

Watch the video. What do you think this song is about? Where do the children play in your community? Where is the closest playground?

Listening/Viewing: Complete this cloze exercise based on the Yusaf Islam song, "Where do the Children Play?"

Check your answers ... complete lyrics here

Try another listening exercise called "This Used to Be My Playground" (by Madonna)

Speaking : Playgrounds - Dangers and Hazards

Grammar : Prediction (going to+verb) / about to+verb (talking about the near future)

Exercise 1 : Look at the picture above. With a friend list the dangers you see. What is going to happen? What is about to happen?

Vocabulary: (verbs) to bite / to fall off / to break / to hit /to hurt / to hit / to step on / to get stuck / to shit /to let off / to cut / to stick out (nouns) swing, slide, carousel, bridge, grass, bottle, rubbish, leash, rope, bin, syringes, pipe, sand

Exercise 2: Can you match the vocabulary and picture on your left?

Reading : Brimbank Park Walk

We have been reading about Brimbank Park in our classes. Walking can be fun and it is good, free exercise. Click here (or above) to find out about Stephen's Brimbank Park Walk.

Exercise 1: Download this worksheet about Stephen's Brimbank Walk and answer the questions.

Writing/Research (VPAU 557.3/.4 Assessment Task)

Exercise 2
: Class Project. Think about a walk through Sunshine with your classmates. Where would you take a visitor to Sunshine.

STEP 1 ... As a class discuss and plan ... 1) A brief description 2) Points of interest

STEP 2 ... Ask your teacher to register and CREATE A CLASS WALKING MAP.
(If you prefer, create your own - it's not very hard!)

STEP 3 ... Plan an excursion. Take some photos of the points of interest.

Use Stephen's Brimbank Park Walking Map as your model / look at some other examples too!


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