Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cars of the Future / Cars of the Past

VPAU 503.1 (Listening) - Interpret an Information (Oral) Text
VPAU 505.1 (Reading) - Analyse a Range of Information Texts

Level 3 : Assessment Task (VPAU 503.1) Listening/Viewing

WHAT IF ....?

New Vocab: ... to check on / to switch on remotely / zero emissions / to top up / to power

If you have problems with the form below click here to open it in a new window

Reading (Level 3)
VPAU 505.1

Discussion : What do you know about this car? Where is it from? How is different to other cars?

Reading Text (Simple Wikipedia)

Download and print the Assessment Task

Task only available to DSCH students and members of Dale Pobega's Free ESL Facebook Club)

Bring the task to class or send it to me via email

DISCUSSION (Level 1 + 2) / READING/WRITING (Level 2 and 3) 


Download this reading comprehension worksheet (VPAU505.1)

WRITING (Opinion)

SUPPOSE ... = guess / assume ...something 

eg. I suppose they'll come

Online Exercise 1/2/3/4 (English Grammar Lessons)


eg. If I were you ... +would/could, etc

Online Matching Exercise (Englisch-Hilfen)

And as usual we need to review our use of Relative Pronouns and Clauses, don't we? (Do this exercise)


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