Thursday, February 28, 2013

More Instructions, Directions and Getting Things Done


Listening/Viewing Comprehension - (Level 1&2) VPAU 494, 495, 498, 500,

(i) Watch the video about How to Make the Perfect Bowl of Porridge

(ii) Complete this online exercise about porridge making (from


Introduction : When you go to the hairdresser what do you say ...?

You have been studying instructions this term. 
Let's talk about hair, haircuts and hair styles.

Do you like your hair? Where do you get your hair cut? Would you like a new hairstyle?
Would you like highlights or a new colour? 

VOCABULARY: long, short, medium length, bald, blond, brunette, red head, curly, straight, permed, dye, tint, highlights,shaved, trim, layered, tapered, fringe, side-burns around the sides / on the top / up the back / combed / blow dried / shampooed/

Can you add some more words? Here is a vocabulary list to download (word doc)


Exercise 2 Listen to the story and complete the dictation. (Fold / write / check)


Watch the video below. How does this woman trim her hair. Can you write instructions?



Having / Getting something done ... (Level 2 /3)

Exercise One (Put in Order)

Exercise Two (Mix and Match)

Exercise Three (Complete the sentences)

Other interactive exercises like these are at

SPEAKING Asking the hairdresser or barber for a haircut

Use the video to help you write your dialogue about going to the hairdresser or barber with a friend 


                                                                                                          X You are here

Exercise 1: With your teacher or a classmate, give and ask directions using the map

Exercise 2: Complete these online exercises using the same map (from


(Level 3)- Information Text 2 (VPAU 503)

(i) Watch the video about the Lyre Bird
(ii) Complete this online exercise about the video and complete the webquest about Sir David Attenborough (you can also view the video again on this page) (from

Sunday, February 24, 2013

You in the Community

This week we begin our first Elective - the Local Community (VPAU557) - which we will be studying for two terms

DISCUSSION : What is a Community?

Where do you live?

What services or facilities are nearby? (eg. schools, shops, libraries, parks, train stations)

READING (Level 2 and 3)  (from Local Stuff - SA Govt)

Vocabulary : to have been down to / to head home / to call into / to log on / to involve the use of / to maintain / to provide / stormwater / drainage

Exercise 1: Use your dictionary or Google Translate to find the meanings of the vocabulary above

Exercise 2: Find your house using Google Maps. Look for nearby services and facilities.

Exercise 3 : Click on the picture of the Brimbank City Council below (or here).

(i) What services are listed in the Community Directory?
(ii) Where would you go to make a request for a service?
(iii) How can you pay your rates?

Reading Activity: Brimbank City Council Info Hunt

Download the worksheet and use the Brimbank City Council website to answer the questions

LISTENING - Community Places Game (10 - 20 mins) from English


1) In your book write down the numbers 1 - 10;

2) Listen to the clues Jason reads to you. Write your answers next to the numbers;

3) Ask your teacher to pause the video between the clues Jason reads;

4) Can you remember some of the clues?
 ... eg. a post office is a place where you go to send a letter;

5) Do some of the grammar exercises below about ... where ..., ...who ..., etc.

GRAMMAR : Defining Relative Clauses (...where..., ...who..., ...which..., ...that...)

eg. a post office is a place where you go to send a letter

eg. a Mayor is a person who is the head of a council

Exercise 1: Can you write some sentences about your community with a defining relative clause?

Exercise 2: Try these exercises (Level 1 - ex.1 only)

 (24/7 Discussion!!!)

What are we talking about this week? ... Duke Street's New Community Garden!!!