Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Silent Film Festival

Silent Films (Level 2 VPAU 500.4)

Today in class (level 2) we watched this silent film.

Where is it filmed? Who are the characters? What happens : how does it start? what happens in the middle of the film? how does it end? Does the film have a message, meaning or lesson to teach us? Did you enjoy it or didn't you like it - why?

Exercise 1 : Ask yourself these questions as you watch the film again. Can you answer the questions?

Download the Silent Film Reading worksheet to see Dale's notes. 


Exercise 2 :  Here is a link to many other short, silent films on YouTube.

Use the worksheet to take notes on another silent film. Use Dale's notes as a model.

Bring your notes to class to share and show your teacher. We will write a review together.

Can't find a film? Try taking notes and writing about this short, silent film ...

Listening : Making A Film (Level 2 494.3)

Jeff and his brother made a film about their journey across India in a motor-rickshaw.

Listen to his story. Complete the vocab and comprehension quizzes.

Watch the film and read more about Jeff's journey across India in a motor rickshaw here!

Grammar : Passive or Active Voice?

We have been studying Passive and Active voice in our lessons recently. When do we mostly use passive? What is more important - the subject of the action or the object of the action?

Try this exercise.

Still confused? Watch this lesson ...

Level 1 (494.1) : Happy Birthday Mr. Duncan

Writing (495.2) : Leave Mr Duncan a happy birthday message on his You.Tube channel or Facebook page.

... Or write him a birthday card - Print a birthday card from here

Facebook - Join "Dale Pobega's Free ESL Club"

What are we talking about on Facebook this week? Take a look ...

Reading: Where were kites invented?

We read a story in class about the invention of paper. Read this story about where kites were invented. Note down examples of passive voice.

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