Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Learning Journeys

This week we review our Learning Journeys in English.

Marco Polo was a famous explorer. He went places no European had gone before. Going to new place or learning new things can be like Marco's journey. Everything is new, exciting, scary.

What dangers do you think Marco imagined? What new things did he see and learn about?

Here is the "fold and do" dictation about Marco Polo.

Here is the story (with questions) about Marco Polo.

Here is a map of Marco's journey. 

Look at a modern atlas and list the countries Marco travelled through

Other Students' Learning Journeys

Read about the learning journeys of other students studying at PRACE, a community learning centre in Preston.

Leave a message of encouragement for one of the students you read about.

Take some notes about one of the students. Share with a friend. Which learning journey story did you like the most?

Individual Learning Plan and Portfolio Work (VBQU 117 / VPAU 500)

Use your portfolio for this term to complete the learning review worksheet for this term.

Which week did you like the most? Which week did you like the least? Did you learn something new? What do you need to study more?

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