Thursday, May 31, 2012

Myki Malfunction

Watch the video ...

Download, print and complete this "mini-test."

Download and check your answers

We have been studying Myki for a few weeks now. Most of us think Myki is okay but on our Myki excursion this week we had some problems. The Myki Machines on Sunshine Station were broken! The touch on / touch off pads were vandalized! How can we use Myki if the machines to do not work well? At Flinders Street Station we had to explain the problems to the staff - they were not very happy :-(

Still we had a good time ...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Myki 2

Registering a Myki

What happens if your Myki is stolen or lost? Why would you "register" your Myki? What happens to your balance if your Myki card is not registered? Is it necessary to register?

Watch this video. What are the advantages? (Can you think of any disadvantages?)

Replacing a Myki Card (Complete a Form)

Replacement Form

Practice your FORM filling skills. Download the Myki Replacement Form.

Fill it in, save, print and bring to class!

Myki vs. Metcard (Comparing Prices)

Many people are unhappy about the changes. Some people say Myki is too difficult? What do you think? Is Myki more or less expensive than the old system, Metcard? Scroll through the document and answer the questions below.


1. How much do you save using Myki for a Daily Zone 1 + 2 Full fare?
2. How much does a 2 hour Zone 1 Concession fare cost?
3. What is the maximum you will pay per day if you use Myki on the weekend?
4. What is the difference in price between a Weekly Zone 1 Full Fare Myki Pass and a Weekly Metcard?


Do you know about the free city circle tram? It is a cheap excursion you can do with your family. Watch the video and download the map to see the route.

There is also a free bus you can take from the National Gallery of Victoria, around the city, up to Carlton and back via Docklands.

Download this brochure to find out more 

Grammar : Wish and Hope (Access 2/3)Watch this lesson about using Wish and Hope in English

Go to this page (English Grammar, read and complete the interactive exercises.


Sunday, May 6, 2012


Access 1 Assessment Tasks for this unit : VPAU 491.1 combining 491.3 (Listening) / VPAU 495.3 & 495.4 (Reading & Writing) Access 2 Assessment Tasks for this unit : VPAU 497.1 (Listening) / VPAU 500.1 & 500.2 (Reading & Writing) leading into 497.2 (Speaking)

What is Myki? Do you know how and where to buy a Myki card? What is "Myki money"? What does "touch on" and "touch off" mean? What does "top up your Myki" mean?

Watch the videos below and complete the exercises as you go ...

Download, print and complete this Comprehension worksheet

Touching on and Touching off

Myki Money or Myki Pass?

How to Top Up Your Myki


Watch the video. Can you remember how to top up your Myki?

1. Download this PICTURE worksheet and print (PDF 420KB)

2. Download this LABELS worksheet
(PDF 69KB) print and cut the instruction labels into strips and mix up 

3. Can you match the PICTURES and LABELS?

4. Work with a friend. Tell each other how to top up a Myki card

5. Use sequence words like First of all, Then, After that, Finally ...

(6. Record your conversation on our site at 


Click here to download an mp3. Listen to Level 2 students explaining how you top up a Myki card at the railway station

Find out about ... Types of Myki cards

Find more information about myki at the Myki Website

Download this brochure to read about myki  ...
Melbourne's Guide to Myki (PDF, 292KB, 16 pages)


Use the Myki simulator to buy a myki card / top up with myki money / and get a receipt (click here)

You can also learn more about Myki reader, Myki Gate and Myki Check machines


Click the small map to open a bigger map of Melbourne's metropolitan train network. Print then ...

Download this worksheet and answer the questions.

Click the small map and open a larger map of Melbourne's Night Rider Network.

Download this worksheet and answer the questions

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hair Cuts

  DISCUSSION : In class this week we talked about hair, haircuts and hair styles.

Do you like your hair? Where do you get your hair cut? Would you like a new hairstyle? Would you like highlights or a new colour? 

VOCABULARY: long, short, medium length, bald, blond, brunette, red head, curly, straight, permed, dye, tint, highlights,shaved, trim, layered, tapered, fringe, side-burns around the sides / on the top / up the back
 / combed / blow dried / shampooed/

Can you add some more words? Here is a vocabulary list to download (word doc)


Listen and/or read the story about Susan.

Exercise 1 : Download and complete this comprehension exercise

Exercise 2 : Listen to the story and complete the dictation. (Fold / write / check)


Watch the video below. How does this woman trim her hair. Can you write instructions?


GRAMMAR GAMES Having / Getting something done ... (Level 2 /3)

Grammar Notes

Exercise One (Put in Order)

Exercise Two (Mix and Match)

Exercise Three (Complete the sentences)

Other interactive exercises like these are at

SPEAKING : Asking the hairdresser or barber for a haircut

Here are some Level 2 Role-plays about going to the hairdresser

Use the video to help you write your dialogue about going to the hairdresser or barber with a friend ***