Sunday, March 25, 2012

Learning Review Term 1 : Ups and Downs of English

Assessment Task (Level 1 and 2) VPAU 501.4 and VBQU117.4)

Do you know the story of Sisyphus? He offended God and was punished. He had to push a rock to the top of a hill ... then watch it roll all the way down. He had to start pushing up hill again - forever!

Life is like that. English is like that. The struggle never ends.

Here is a dictation about Sisyphus to practice your spelling.

Download the dictation sheet here. (Fold and listen to the dictation below).

Listen, watch and read some other Greek myths on YouTube (click here)

Here is nice story called Prometheus and Pandora :

Let's think about what we learned this term. (Print the Assessment Task)

What did you like learning the most this term?

What did you find difficult? Why?

How do you think you could improve?

Can you learn English without a teacher?

Which one can you learn on your own? Which one can't you learn on your own? ...







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  1. Nice blog! Thanks to the internet, maybe we really can learn English without a teacher. I don't know how people would have done it in the past...


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