Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Australian History: They're a Weird Mob


VPAM 549.4 / VPAU 494.3 / VPAU 500.3

This is a film from 1966 about an Italian migrant called Nino.

On his first day in Australia Nino goes to a pub in Sydney. He meets a friendly Aussie man.

What happens? What problems do the two men have? Why do you think this film is called, They're a Weird Mob.?

Note the Aussie slang words and phrases from the film you do not understand.

(Can you guess the meaning of any?) ...

What'll it be?

A schooner

A Midi

A bloke

(beer) puts a gut on ya

Whaddya (what do) you do for a crust?

Your turn to shout

Bloody oath!

Aussie Slang

Here is a useful list of Aussie slang words, phrases and expressions (Monash Uni)

Here is a much longer list of other Aussie Slang words and phrases (some very strange and not used very much)

(Information Text) Dictation - European Migration after World War 2

After World War 2 many migrants from Southern and Eastern Europe came to Australia looking for a new life. In 1945 the war ended and many countries such as Italy, Greece and Yugoslavia were poor ...

Click here for the Dictation Cloze exercise and full information text

Listen to the Dictation ...

Click here for a (practice) test / questions based on the Information Text, Migrants After World War 2


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