Sunday, October 23, 2011

Australian History : Federation and the White Australia Policy

Australia became a country in 1901. The colonies became states. This was called Federation. The first policy of the new Federal government was to make sure that "non-white" people did not come to Australia. This was called "The White Australia Policy."

Why do you think Australians in those times did not like non-white people?

What is racism? What is prejudice?

Can you think of other examples of racism?

Was there racism in the country you came from?

Watch the video above.

Now try this dictation (and find out more about the White Australia Policy) ...

Print out this dictation (fold, listen, write and check)



Rome is full of cats! The volunteers at Torre di Argentina cat shelter take care of them. Which cat would you choose?

Click here to meet (and choose) a Roman cat you can write about in the exercise below

ACCESS 1 : Read and Write Simple Information Texts : Design a Poster


In class we have been reading and writing descriptions of people, places, animals and things.

1) Use this poster to help you design your own.

2) Print this blank poster.

Let's pretend you adopted a Roman cat. Use your Roman cat to write your own LOST CAT poster.


Reading (Level 1)

Easy Dialogues (short conversations + audio)

Super-Easy Reading (stories, audio, vocabulary, cloze and sentence writing)


Listening (Access 1 Practice Test)

An Accident in the Bakery

We have been listening, reading, writing and speaking about accidents and scary experiences.

1) Watch the video above.What happens?

2) Watch again.Print and complete this PRACTICE TEST about the video.


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