Saturday, September 17, 2011

Australian History : Gold : Hero or Villain? Peter Lalor and Eureka


Name: Peter Lalor
Height: 5 ft 11 inches
Age: 35

Hair dark brown, whiskers dark brown and shaved under the chin, no moustache, long face, rather good looking

This is how they described the leader of the Eureka Stockade miners ... read more about Peter Lalor and Eureka.

The Southern Cross Flag.

This was the flag of the miners at Eureka. How is it like the Australian flag? How is it different? What is missing from the Southern Cross flag? Do we need a new Australian flag? Should we change our flag? Why? Why not?

Flags of the World

Do you know these flags? Do you know the name of the country and nationality? (eg. Australia / Australian, Greece / Greek)

How well do you know the different flags of the world. Try this fun quiz.

Describing People

Here are some faces of the world ... young, old, rich, poor, happy and sad


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