Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Australian History : Exploration 2

The First Europeans to Explore Australia

A. Read about Willem Janszoon and Louis Vaez de Torres

B. Read about Abel Tasman

C. Read about James Cook

D. Read about Arthur Phillip

Above picture: Dutch explorer, Abel Tasman

Exercise 1: Read the above stories about the European Explorers . Can you match the map below with the Explorer?

Exercise 2: Can you match this painting with the Explorer?

(Creative Commons reproduction, Wikipedia)


ACTIVITY : Let's Make a Time Line of European Explorers

1606 <-------------------------------------------------> 1788

Join three pieces of paper together (landscape). Copy the time line above (from 1606 to 1788).

Read the stories above.

On the time line you should mark :

Name of Explorer:
Ship name:
Part of Australia they explored:


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