Monday, September 6, 2010

Horrible Housework

Level 1 and 2: Watch the video. What can we do to clean up this house? Finish the sentences ...

Empty ___ ________.

_____ up the bedroom.

Scrub the ______ bowl.

Get ___ __ the Kittens.

___ away the things in the kitchen.

Throw ___ the old computers.

_____ the bath!

(Call in the health inspectors?)

Level 3 : Watch this video. How do you feel about this messy house? Who does the owner blame for most of the mess? Do you think Cary's problems are funny or serious?

Speaking Exercise : Giving Opinions

Here are some opinions by others who watched the video:

"it is the parents responsibility to keep a safe enviroment for the kids and set a good example."

"lots of people have kids and thier homes are nothing close to this. I'm surprise she still has her kids."

"How dare you say her kids should be taken away from her! ... some people just need help in their lives, and a gentle push in the right direction. Depression is a sad thing to live with it can destroy families. She obviously got so low she stopped functioning properly."

Do you agree with these opinions? Do you feel sorry for Cary? What would you do to help her? Where would you start?

Phone in your answers to - use the 1800 number and codes I gave you in class.

If you like ...

Watch How Clean is Your House - Blame the Kids 2 (to see how they clean Cary's house)

Watch How Clean is Your House - Blame the Kids 3 ( final part - before and after)


GRAMMAR - Almost, Almost all, Most of

In class we read about three Thai boys sharing a flat. They were very messy but wrote a housework roster to solve their problems.

Remember our sentences? Are they (generally) true? If so, why?

Most men are messy. / Most women are tidy. / All chidren are untidy.

Try this quiz using Almost / Almost all and Most of


Fun Activity ...


Click on this link to go to a website where you can be an interior decorator - create the perfect room for yourself

Exercise: With a friend talk about your room. Which room did you decide to create? What furniture did you include? What furniture did you move or get rid of?


LISTENING EXERCISE : LEVEL 3 : The Waiter and the Lady

1. Take home the sheet with the scrambled story I gave you in class
2. Cut up all of the phrases and put them on an empty table in front of you
3. Play the story below
4. Try and put the story back together
5. Write up the story
6. Answer these questions ... What is funny about this story? What is the joke?


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