Monday, July 19, 2010

Love Thy Neighbour


Do you think someone should keep 130 cats in a house or flat?

What problems would this lady have living with 130 cats in Sunshine?

What does your local council say about pets?


Read the local council regulations for keeping pets here.

Download the Animal Registration Form from the same page. Read it with your teacher. Fill in the form for the lady from Siberia!

LEVEL 2 and 3

Remember the article we read in class, Love Your Neighbour? Sometimes it can be difficult!?

We discussed these problems:

They talk loudly.
Their babies cry all night.
They have noisy parties.
Their dogs bark.
They watch TV late at night.
They move furniture.
They play the violin.
They argue with their partner.

Speaking: Requests - Asking your neighbours to change their behaviour

Click here to go to VOXOPOP.

Use the situations above. Practise kindly asking your neighbours to change their behaviour.

eg. "Could you please turn down the TV? It's late. I have to get up early.
eg. "Would you please stop moving your furniture. My kids can't sleep.


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