Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Road Safety

Watch the video above. How many people in the car? How old do you think they are? Why does the accident happen? Where does it happen? What do you think about this video?


This week level 2 students have been studying road safety. How cna we make our roads safer? Here is a survey we made in class. Ask other people if they AGREE or DISAGREE


Click here and download a board-game you can play in class. You just need a dice and a token.

Level 3 - Make, Let and Allowed to (Online Exercise) - from Grammar Aquarium

VICROADS - Road Rules Website - Knowledge Game

So you think you know the road rules??? Try the VicRoads Knowledge Game. Click here.

Here is a site for learning the road rules.

Level 2 - Finding a Garage

We listened to the conversation with the man who needed his brakes fixed. Now give similiar directions to someone who needs to find the BP Sprint Service Station (Hampshire Road) from Duke Street. CLICK ON VIEW LARGER MAP below:

View Larger Map

Grammar: Level 2 - Verb-ing

When we use two verbs together we sometimes use INFINITIVE (to) and other times GERUND (-ing). You learnt the following this week:

I love ... - ing eg. I love cooking
I like
I hate ...
I enjoy ...
I don't mind ...
I can't stand ...

Watch this video to learn more about when to use TO and when to use -ING

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