Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Week 10 : Holiday Hijinx

Level 1, 2 & 3

Nasreddin is my hero. A wonderful Turkish teacher from the 13th century who seemed to have the answer to almost all of life's problems. Go to the site and complete the reading activities (or just read and enjoy the stories).

Nasreddin Hodja is a collection of Hodja stories compiled by Alpay Kabacali, beautifully illustrated by Fatih M. Durmus. CLICK HERE to read the stories.

HOLIDAY HOMEWORK ( ... if you are crazy for more English!)

Some people never take a holiday from learning :-) so here are some ideas and activities for you over the holidays.We come back to school the week beginning 5 October.

1) REVIEW LESSONS from the last 20 WEEKS on this blog: work your way backwards from Week 10, Term 3 to Week 1, Term 2.

2) Level 1, 2 & 3 DOWNLOAD FREE ESL COURSE BOOKS from (CLICK HERE). The FREE Grammar Workbook from on the left side of this page called THE BIG GRAMMAR BOOK is good for reviewing basic English. There are many other books from English that you can download and print at HOME (please, DO NOT downaload or print at Duke Street.

4) Level 2 & 3 Video Comprehension Lessons

Everybody was crazy about these lessons in Term 3. I agree, they are super and so good for learning English.

Try these Video Lessons (CLICK HERE)

For hundreds of more Video Lessons use the VIDEO INDEX menu on the side of the page at

5) Catch up with VOXOPOP. If you have a microphone at home, you can leave a recording on lots of subjects at our ESL Talkgroups. CLICK HERE TO GET THERE

Level 3 Grammar: Modals

Modals are always difficult in English and need lots of review. Try these:

Modals of Ability –

Modals of Advice –

Modals of Necessity –

Modals with “Not” –

Modals of Polite Request –

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Week 9: Telling Jokes and Stories

This week we are going to have some fun! Jokes in English are a good way to learn new vocabulary and practice grammar.

Level One : (The Perfect Son) Click here, read the joke and listen to the MP3

Level Two : (A Second Opinion) Click here, read the joke and listen to the MP3

Level Three : (Two Riddles) Click here, read the joke and listen to the MP3

For more ESL Jokes click here.


Try this tongue twister - good for pronunciation, especially the sound, 'ch' :-)

How much wood would a wood chuck chuck (flash exercise)

She sells sea shells
(practice the 'sh' sound)

I saw Susie sitting (practice the 's' sound)


Level 2 & 3

We have just watched a story on video about jokes made at work which can offend. I am interested to hear your workplace stories - funny or bad.


CLICK HERE TO GO TO VOXOPOP. TELL ME ABOUT THE WORST JOB YOU EVER HAD? Where was it? When? Who was involved? What happened? How did it happen?

GRAMMAR - Should, Ought to, had better ...

Watch this video if you are not sure how to use should, ought to or had better

Level 3 : Writing letters of complaint

Exercise 1 : Rental Property Problems

Go to this page - copy and paste into Word - then practise writing a letter of complaint to Bowman's Realty about problems a - f in our class reading text. Use the reading text to help you complete the task.

Exercise 2 : Problems with a Purchase

Go this page - copy and paste into Word- then practice writing a letter about something you bought which is faulty.

You can copy and paste other templates into Word from this website.