Monday, July 27, 2009

Week 3, Term 3: Describing People and Things

This week in class we are DESCRIBING PEOPLE and THINGS. Watch the fashion show above. Do you like the clothes?

What clothes can you see : skirts? jackets? ... What colours are they? ... What are they made of?

What do you think this English expression means: CLOTHES MAKETH THE MAN

Do you think fashion is important? Is beauty important?

What do you think this English expression means: BEAUTY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER


Do you like beauty contests? Here is Mr.World 2007, Juan Garcia from Spain.

Can you write a short paragraph about him using full sentences? Leave your description in the COMMENTS section below.

Clothes (colour, material):
Hair (length, type, colour):
Height (approximate):
Weight (approximate):

Level 2 and 3 ...

For more information about Juan go to:

*What are Juan's interests?
*What is his job?
*What is he studying?
*What is his life goal?

Here is Juan winning the award in 2007. Do you think he is the most handsome man in the World?

GRAMMAR: Order of Adjectives

In class you learnt the formula : opinion -> size -> age -> shape -> colour -> origin -> material -> purpose

Click here to find out about the correct order of adjectives in English. Read the explanation and do the exercises.

Exercise #2 : Click here to do an exercise that teaches you the correct/incorrect order of adjectives.

SPEAKING : What do you look like? What are you wearing today? Tell the class at VOXOPOP.COM (click here).

FOR FUN ... take a look at these 'bloopers' on the catwalk :

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