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Week 9: Asking for and Offering Help

This week we are 'asking for help'. In the video above Mr. Bean tries to help a man who has a heart attack ... with very funny results! An emergency like this one, however, is not funny in real life.

What would you do in this situation? Who would you call? What would you say?

Giving 'CPR' (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)

In Term 1 we watched a video called 4 STEPS FOR LIFE (The Ambulance Service and You, Ames/MAS 2007).

ii. Go back to your notes and activities we did last term. Compare them with this British video called HOW TO DO CPR ON AN ADULT. The methods are very similar. Compare your notes and the video.

iii. In the COMMENTS section write instructions on HOW TO GIVE CPR.


With a classmate or friend click through the following presentation (see the little arrow on the Scribd toolbar 1/30). Practice the dialogue ... DO YOU MIND IF

Do you mind if I . . .

Spanish speaking students ... here is the list of verbs you asked for:

Bank of Verbs


  1. How to give CPR

    1.Open the airway

    a)put one hand on the man's forehead
    b) tilt his headback
    c)Lift his chin up
    d)check and see nothing in his mouth

    2. Get the breaths in his lungs
    a) pich his nose close
    b)cover his motuth with your mouth
    c)give two breaths

    3. Get the blood pumping around his body
    a) put your hand on his chest
    b)put the other hand on top of chest hand
    c)pump dow 30 times, maybe 2 times in a second

    Don't stop to repeat 2 breaths then 30 pumps untilt the ambulance comes or the person is breathe normally

    thanks you for the information Dale

  2. If someone had a heart attack I would:

    1) Call 000

    2) I would: the airway.
    2.get breaths into their lungs.
    3.get blood pumping around the internal organs.

    You do this with CPR

    1. tilt head back. lift chin. check there's nothing in the mouth.
    2. pinch nose closed. cover their mouth with your mouth. give 2 breaths.
    3. put heel of hand in centre of chest. put other hand on top. compress about 5cm for an adult. compress 30 times, about twice a second.

    keep doing it until the ambulance arrives.

  3. If someone got a heart atack the first thing to do is call: 000 and give the correct directions.

    After start to do the CPR:

    Open the mouth and clean it.
    Pinch the nose and give a mouth a mouth resusitation twice.
    Put your hands in the centre of the chest and press hard about 30 times.

    Repeat the operation until the ambulance arrives.

  4. if sameone a heart atack, I would,

    call 000 than start CPR,

    standard CPR is, put person correct position and start pumping, 30 times pumping after 2 deep breaths. keep doing until the ambulance comes.

  5. if sameone had a heart attack i would first call 000. Secon step I would open the airway and then put my hands on the chest. I would pump 30 times. Third step would be to put air into the lungs. 2 breaths. Keep going until the ambulance arrives.

  6. If someone had a heart attack I would :

    first step: call 000.

    second step: To open the airway:
    -Put one hand on foreheah.
    -tilt head back.
    -lift the chin
    - check there is nothing in the mouth

    third step: To breaths in the lungs:
    - Pinch the nose closed
    - cover the mouth with your mouth
    - give two breaths

    fourth step: To get blood pumping around the organs:
    - put the heel of your hand into the centre of the chest
    - put the other hand on top
    - pump the chest 30 times, about twice a second

    Continue 2 breaths / 30 pumps until the ambulance arrives or the person starts breathing normally

  7. If solteone had a heart attack I would call 000 and start CPR,frist open the airway and then tilt head back ,lift chin,check the mouth,and breathe mouth to mouth, then pump the chest 30 times.

  8. If someone had a heart attack I wouId;

    first step call ooo.

    second step open the airway

    I put one hand on forehead and tilt head back I put my mouth with their mouth ,I lift chin,I check there's nothing in the mouth.

    And then, to get 2 breaths into their lungs

    I do 30 pumps on the chest and then 2 breaths again.

    Continue until the ambulance comes.



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