Monday, May 25, 2009

Week 6: Access 2 & 3: Online Banking For Beginners


Last week we were paying bills at the post office. As you already know, we can also pay our bills on the internet - but many of us are afraid of online banking. Maybe someone will steal our login details and then steal all of our money?

This week we will do some exercises using the ONLINE BANKING FOR BEGINNERS WEBSITE. There are many good activities and you will get a tour of what it is like to do internet banking so you can see for your self.

Exercise One: Complete the four exercises in the FOR AND AGAINST SECTION (click here). Write down your answers from the HAVE YOUR SAY exercise.

Exercise Two: Use the COMMENTS section at the bottom of this posting to write your paragraph. (Look carefully for the little pencil and the word 'comments')

Exercise Three: Go to the HOW TO BANK ONLINE section (click here). Work through each step and finally TRY SIMBANK.

Exercise Four: GO to VOXOPOP and leave your opinion about Online Banking (click here)

ESL BLUES - Grammar Games

This is a fun site with lots of simple, grammar games. Enjoy. Click here to go to ESL BLUES - Grammar Games


  1. Hello, my name is Walter and I'd like to give my opinion about Online Banking.

    Well, first I have to say that I never used this system before. Maybe it is more convenient not to pay in person, but still I feel insecure about it.

    I have no strong opinions against it, but I feel more confident to do it in person.

  2. This is what I think about online banking.

    Firstly, lots of people lose their jobs.
    Secondly,someone could get into your account and steal money
    Thirdly, you need your own computer at home
    Lastly, you still have to deposit money into the bank.

    Finally I want to say that I think the security is not safe although internet banking is more cheaper, saves time and you don't have to stand in queues.

  3. This is what I think about internet banking.

    1. you need your own computer at home.
    2. someone could get into account and steal money
    3. lots of people lose their jobs
    4. internet bank is cheaper and more convenient you can save time and don't have to standing in question.

  4. i am for internet banking becouse you don't have to drive to bank or wait in queues. You can do banking any time of the day or night. you do not have to pay fees.

  5. I am for internet banking because you don/t have to drive to the bank or wait in the queue. You save money and you can check your account anytime.

  6. I am undecided. For me internet banking is convenient and you can check your balance anytime. However, I am also worried someone can get into my account and steal my money.

  7. Hi Dale!

    I am Jo!I am against internet banking because I feel unsecurity and uncompotable. Also, I don't want teller to loose job.


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