Sunday, May 3, 2009

Week 3 : Getting to Marciano's (Yummy!)

Hello friends at Duke Street and West Sunshine.This week we are studying directions and instructions.In class we have used Google Maps to find our way to one of the best cake shops in Melbourne, Marciano's South American Cakes in Maidstone.

Exercise 1: There are 3 easy ways to get to Marciano's by car from Duke Street in less than 10 minutes. Go back to Google Maps (click here) and write down the three routes.

Exercise 2: Go to our talk group on VOXOPOP (click here) and tell me how to get to Marciano's using the DEVONSHIRE ROAD route. Remember what I told you about direction, time and landmarks.

PS. Make sure you go to Marciano's and try a cake ... the Milhoja is my favourite and the empanadas (Chilean meat pies) are very good too!

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  1. Getting to Marciano's

    I like to go to Marciano's on sundays and get some alfajor for breakfast and some empanadas for lunch. They have meat, cheese and chiken empanadas. Also they have a very good bread. And cake too.


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