Monday, July 11, 2016

Describing People

VU21433 : Give and Respond to Basic Instructions and Information

Watch the video "Describe People" and complete the sentences using this worksheet (Word doc)

Reading and Writing (

Exercise 1

Read and learn this English to help you describe people Describing People Picture Dictionary (PDF)

Exercise 2

Describing people (PDF)  (Download and complete this worksheet from 

Story - A Thin Man              (

Here is a story about Richard. 

Why is he a thin man?
What does he eat for breakfast?
What does he eat for lunch?
What does he eat for dinner?
What do you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Are you thin? How do you stay healthy?

Reading and Writing - Simple Descriptions

We did a pair exercise in class. It was about Lady Gaga, Kate Middleton and Wayne Rooney. Do you remember the questions we use for these words you find on forms?

A. (Name)
B. (Date of Birth)
C. (Nationality)
D. (Job)
E. (Residence)
F. (Family)

Exercise 1: Can you match the questions (below) and the words (above)?

1. Where were you born?
2. What is your name?
3. Do you have any children?
4. When were you born?
5. What do you do?
6. Where do you live?

eg. B.1 

Exercise 2 : Download this worksheet and do the writing exercise.

Read the story about Yannis. Use the story to help you write about yourself

Grammar - To Like vs. To be Like

What is the difference when we say "I don't like it" and "It is like fish"?

Watch these American children talk about tasting Vegemite for the first time.

Do they like Vegemite?
What do they say it looks like?
What do they say it smells like?
What do they say it tastes like?

Here is a worksheet for watching this video (and doing the Vegemite taste test yourself)