Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Australian Art


VU21473 Investigate Australian Art and Culture

What is Art? Where do you find it? Who is Art for? Is it important? What is a gallery? What is street art? Do you know any famous Australian artists? Do you know any local artists?

Photo: This paste up by local artist, Baby Guerrilla, is just across the street from our community centre in Duke Street, Sunshine.

We started our investigation by looking at the work and ideas of Baby Guerrilla. Visit her website.

Assignment 1: Baby Guerrilla (Duke St students only)

Online Lessons About Art (Source: Breaking News ...

Pensioner Attacks Famous Work of Art (an interesting lesson about opinions with listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar activities-

The Louvre is the Most Visited Art Gallery (about the famous gallery in Paris, different types, styles of painting - 40+ activities)

Australian Artists : Art Trails (Source: Art Gallery of NSW) / Talking about works of art

Artist/ Title/ Year/ Materials/ Dimensions/ Location

Can you remember how to form questions for describing works of art?
eg. Artist = What is the name of the artist who made this work of art / painted this picture?

These trails were made for kids visiting the Art Gallery of NSW. We can use them too.

1) Follow the art trails below (click on the links)
2) Click on the paintings and make a note of the Artist / Title / Year / Materials / Dimensions / Location

Australian Beach Pattern  / Desert Landscape  / The Red Shawl / First Class Marksman

3) With a partner talk about the works of art

Listening: Tom Roberts, The Golden Fleece (1894) - (Source: Art Gallery of NSW)

1. Download the MP3
2. Download the Comprehension worksheet

3. Listen a few times
4. Download and check your answers

You can look at the painting by Tom Roberts here

Grammar: Defining and Non-Defining Relative Clauses

eg. Tom Roberts is the Australian artist who painted The Golden Fleece in 1894.
eg. I really like that painting which we saw yesterday.

Review and complete these online exercises (Source:

If you are still unsure, watch this video ... (source: