Monday, July 22, 2013

In the News

VPAU 560: Explore a current issue of significance in Australia / Explore a current issue of of international significance
VPAU505.4: Write a descriptive or narrative text

SPEAKING/WRITING: VPAU560.1: National News (video)

Watch this video in pairs and answer the questions together

1.What is the video about?
2.Who are the two men?
3.What is the Coalition?
4.What is the ALP?
5.What is a poll?
6.Who is the preferred Prime Minister?
7.What percentage of people in the poll said they would vote for the ALP?
8. What was said about women?

 LISTENING: VPAU560.2: International News (audio)
LISTENING: Download and print this listening comprehension quiz . Play the audio.

READING: Read the story about the Panda (and check your answers from the listening quiz)

VOCABULARY: Parts of a Newspaper

Last week we played games with the newspaper and learnt to identify parts of the newspaper.

Download this matching exercise, print and check your answers as a class or with a friend.


What is this video about? Is it a national story or an international story?

1) Look at these two graphics. Compare them and discuss.
2) How many arrivals by boat were there in Australia in 2013?


Find out some more about the issue of Asylum seekers. Watch TV, listen to radio, do an internet search and read a newspaper for the next week. Report your research to the class.


Watch the video and complete the exercises below

Exercise 1

Exercise 2


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