Sunday, February 24, 2013

You in the Community

This week we begin our first Elective - the Local Community (VPAU557) - which we will be studying for two terms

DISCUSSION : What is a Community?

Where do you live?

What services or facilities are nearby? (eg. schools, shops, libraries, parks, train stations)

READING (Level 2 and 3)  (from Local Stuff - SA Govt)

Vocabulary : to have been down to / to head home / to call into / to log on / to involve the use of / to maintain / to provide / stormwater / drainage

Exercise 1: Use your dictionary or Google Translate to find the meanings of the vocabulary above

Exercise 2: Find your house using Google Maps. Look for nearby services and facilities.

Exercise 3 : Click on the picture of the Brimbank City Council below (or here).

(i) What services are listed in the Community Directory?
(ii) Where would you go to make a request for a service?
(iii) How can you pay your rates?

Reading Activity: Brimbank City Council Info Hunt

Download the worksheet and use the Brimbank City Council website to answer the questions

LISTENING - Community Places Game (10 - 20 mins) from English


1) In your book write down the numbers 1 - 10;

2) Listen to the clues Jason reads to you. Write your answers next to the numbers;

3) Ask your teacher to pause the video between the clues Jason reads;

4) Can you remember some of the clues?
 ... eg. a post office is a place where you go to send a letter;

5) Do some of the grammar exercises below about ... where ..., ...who ..., etc.

GRAMMAR : Defining Relative Clauses (...where..., ...who..., ...which..., ...that...)

eg. a post office is a place where you go to send a letter

eg. a Mayor is a person who is the head of a council

Exercise 1: Can you write some sentences about your community with a defining relative clause?

Exercise 2: Try these exercises (Level 1 - ex.1 only)

 (24/7 Discussion!!!)

What are we talking about this week? ... Duke Street's New Community Garden!!!


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