Sunday, October 7, 2012

Animals - Past, Present and Future (?)

Level 2 : Write an information text

Watch the video above. It was made on the Japanese island of Okinawa.

What is the animal in the video? Where does it live? What does it eat? What else do you know about it?

Exercise 1: Locating informtion & Organizing Ideas :

Download and print the information sheet about Dugongs.

Work with your teacher or a friend and describe the dugong's ...

habitat .......................................

body .........................................

diet ..........................................


Exercise 2: Computer skills (search for information, print a collector's card, send an e-card)

Look at these photos ...

What would you say about the animal above? What is its name? How would you describe its body? Where is it found? Where does it live?

Print this page to find out more and create a Collectors card 
(National Geographic)

Use the information to add to your information text

Exercise 3: Sending Information (E-Cards)

Now you know about the animal above, send an e-card to a friend. Click here

Read about another animal at the same website. Read the facts, watch the video, look at the map, print a collector's card, send a friend an e-card

Exercise 4 : Information text (2)

What do you know about this creature?
What is its name? How would you describe it? Where does it live? Describe its habitat? What do you think it eats? What else should we know about it?

Download, print and complete this exercise


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Information Texts : Extinct Animals

What do you know about the Tasmanian Tiger?
What other extinct animals do you know about?
Why are these animals extinct?

Read about the Tasmanian Tiger at Simple English Wikipedia. Click here.


*life expectancy
*current numbers

Can you write a paragraph about the Tasmanian Tiger using the CATEGORIES above as well as CONJUNCTIONS (but / and / however / although, etc) to join your sentences.


Find out about endangered animals, why they are endangered and what we can do by watching this presentation:


Click here to download our Simple English Wikipedia Book called "ESL Endangered Animals".

1) Download the ESL Endangered Animals book above.
2) Use the questions / categories we studied to help you write short sentences about one of the animals in the form.

3) CLICK HERE to go to the FORM

Level 1 - Read and write a simple information text

In class we read about the Yellow-Eyed Penguin from New Zealand.

Making questions from Information Words. Finish writing the questions

Height : How tall are they?

Weight: How ___________________?

Age they live to: How long __________________?

Home country: Where ______________________?

Number left: How many _______________________?

Food: What __________________?


Level 2 - Writing Notes : Don't Forget to Feed the Cat!

Imagine you are going on holiday for two weeks. Here are some things that need to be taken care of:

*mail and newspapers
*rubbish bin

Karaoke ... The Tiger (Abba, 1976)

Enjoy this song ... from my childhood! A good way to end this unit

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