Sunday, September 16, 2012

Telling Stories

Assessment Task Access 1 (VPAU 494.4 - Give Simple Information)

Level 1

We have been listening to and reading stories and jokes in class this term. Telling a story in another language can be difficult. Here is the simple story telling model we used to help us.


Opening Hello friends, today I'm going to tell you a story about …

Reason I chose this story because … (it is funny / sad / amazing / scary)

It is a good story to tell kids / to tell adults only / to tell anyone

Tell the story eg. A long time ago …. / … in America / Australia / Vietnam ...

Opinion I liked this story because …. / I didn't like this story much because …

Closing Thank you for listening to my story. Do you have any questions?


*Keep your sentences short.

*Use the past simple - this is the best tense to use for telling stories.


Here is Hoai's oral recount of a story we read in class (the original comes from the book, True ESL Stories)

GRAMMAR : Past Simple (in songs and stories)

Exercise Using the Past Simple : My Best Holiday

Play the video and follow the instructions ... fun!


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