Thursday, May 17, 2012

Myki 2

Registering a Myki

What happens if your Myki is stolen or lost? Why would you "register" your Myki? What happens to your balance if your Myki card is not registered? Is it necessary to register?

Watch this video. What are the advantages? (Can you think of any disadvantages?)

Replacing a Myki Card (Complete a Form)

Replacement Form

Practice your FORM filling skills. Download the Myki Replacement Form.

Fill it in, save, print and bring to class!

Myki vs. Metcard (Comparing Prices)

Many people are unhappy about the changes. Some people say Myki is too difficult? What do you think? Is Myki more or less expensive than the old system, Metcard? Scroll through the document and answer the questions below.


1. How much do you save using Myki for a Daily Zone 1 + 2 Full fare?
2. How much does a 2 hour Zone 1 Concession fare cost?
3. What is the maximum you will pay per day if you use Myki on the weekend?
4. What is the difference in price between a Weekly Zone 1 Full Fare Myki Pass and a Weekly Metcard?


Do you know about the free city circle tram? It is a cheap excursion you can do with your family. Watch the video and download the map to see the route.

There is also a free bus you can take from the National Gallery of Victoria, around the city, up to Carlton and back via Docklands.

Download this brochure to find out more 

Grammar : Wish and Hope (Access 2/3)Watch this lesson about using Wish and Hope in English

Go to this page (English Grammar, read and complete the interactive exercises.


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