Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Australian History : Gold : Eureka


What is this document? Could it be ... money? ...a cheque? ... a certificate? What was this document used for? Why was this document important for goldminers? What are shillings? How much is five shillings in today's money? What is a colony? Where is Bendigo? Where is Ballarat? What is the Bendigo Petition? Who was Governor La Trobe? What was the Eureka Rebellion? Read on if you want to know more ...

A license to mine for gold was very expensive on the gold fields. Every month miners had to pay about $137 just for their license.

The cost of living was very high. Here are some prices from the goldfields in today's money:

*a pair of socks = $65
*a shovel = $200
*1 kilo of flour $30
*a packet of tea $20

Read more and do some exercises. Click here.


Grammar: Unless

In the story about Gold the German miner said,

"You do not go out at night unless you have a gun."

Watch this video and learn how to use UNLESS ...

Level 2+ : Grammar Exercises - Unless

Exercise 1

Exercise 2


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