Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Less Polite, More Polite: Instructions, Inquiries, Requests, Directions


(All Levels) Directions: Can you tell me the way to ...

All Levels : Watch the video. Make a list of the places (1-10) where the woman wants to go.

Can you follow the directions people give in the first half of the video? Check the subtitles in the second half of the video to see if you understood.

Entry Level and Level 1:

1. Practice exercise. Listen, read and record: Can you tell me the way to ...?

Entry Level:

2. Listen to Duke Street students give directions just like the people in the video!


Level 2+: BBC Skillswise - Instructions Worksheets and Activities

Level 2+:

Game: Destination Impossible (BBC)

Help the people find their way to their destinations by playing this fun game.

CLOZE EXERCISE : Giving Directions (BogglesworldESL)


TEACHERS: Other activities and pair work exercises about Directions from Lanternfish


Level 2+:

Exercise 1: Would you mind + -ing

Exercise 2 : Other ways to make imperatives into polite requests

Complete this exercise - watch the video and then select the correct sentence

Level 1:

Inquiries and Instructions : Banking

Level 1 students created their own dialogues. These are the following inquiries about some banking services and instructions about what you need to do to access them.

Level 2+:

Pair Activity (Booglesworldesl.com)

Going for a Bite (Street Names and Nearby Landmark)

When we give directions we often include a landmark to help us find the place more easily.

eg. The Vietnamese restaurant is on the corner of Pine Street and First Avenue opposite the police station.

New Expressions:

What's up?

I was wondering if ...

to go for a bite
to get something to eat

to be in the mood for
to feel like

I wouldn't mind ...
I could go for

Download the activity sheets from this page (Part I: Street Name and Nearby Landmark)

Entry Level:

The Sound Alphabet

This is a song for teaching kids the English sound alphabet. You can play it at home. I hope it is useful:

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