Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Want to be Elected

The 2010 Federal Election is over! But still we do not have a Government. What happened? Watch the video above. Click here to read the transcript and find more stories and videos about the election result.

What is a hung parliament?
Who has the most seats in the House of Representatives?
Who has most of the seats in the new Senate?
What are independents?
What is a minority government?
Should we have another election?

Discuss these questions with your teacher.

GRAMMAR GAME - Giving Advice

Should / Shouldn't / Ought to / had better / Why don't you ... / What you can do is ...

Click here for a board game. You will need a dice. (Get your teacher to blow up a copy on the photocopier)

Level 2 and 3 : 'D BETTER vs. 'D RATHER

What is the difference?

I'd better go now / I'd rather go now

Complete this online exercise

LEVEL 3 : Either or / Neither nor ...

Neither the Coalition nor the Labor Party are able to form a government.

Try this online exercise

Watch the Mr. Bean video, I Want to be Elected ... maybe Mr.Bean should become our next Prime Minister?


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