Sunday, July 25, 2010

Election 2010 : Issues

ISSUES: TV ADS - Labor, Liberal, Green

Labor, Liberal, Green. Same or different?

1)Watch the ads above and below.

2)Download this worksheet:

3)Make notes / or write words you see or hear on what they say about:

the economy
the environment

Be a PA for an MP. Organize a politican's diary!

Play this fun game from the Kids View Parliament website! Click here!


Here is an interesting video about the PM, Julia Gillard and the ex-PM, Kevin Rudd. To read the script and other material click here.

Level 1 - Let's Practise Telling the Time

Here are some of my favourite online games to help you tell the time ...

Click here to play STOP THE CLOCK (15 minute intervals - easy)

Click here to play STOP THE CLOCK (5 min intervals - medium)

Click here to play STOP THE CLOCK (1 minute intervals - harder)

Click here to play BANG ON TIME (tricky!)

Click here for other games and worksheets about telling the time (Maths Zone)


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