Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Letters: From Me to You


Last week we started reading the novella, The Letters of Rachel Henning (1853). We will also use this book in our study elective, Australian History.

You have been writing personal and business letters, letters of complaint and emails. How do Rachel's letters differ from the way we write personal letters today?

The letters are very interesting and give us a good idea of what life was like in Australia for a young woman 150 years ago. Her letters are like a diary.

SMALL GROUP DISCUSSION: Do you think you would like being a young woman in the bush back then? How was the voyage out to Australia? What was life like when a young woman arrived? What was life on the farm like? What was life in Sydney or Melbourne like?

Complete the following questions to help you with the discussion topic

(if you cannot see all of the form, click here)

Level 3 : Writing letters of complaint

Exercise 1 : Rental Property Problems

Go to this page - copy and paste into Word - then practise writing a letter of complaint to Bowman's Realty about problems a - f in our class reading text. Use the reading text to help you complete the task.

Exercise 2 : Problems with a Purchase

Go this page - copy and paste into Word- then practice writing a letter about something you bought which is faulty.

You can copy and paste other templates into Word from this website.

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